Wednesday, September 13, 2006


1. Opening Lines
As promised I WILL be doing a list of the songs done so far on the opening line posts, for the competitive amongst you (yes, that's YOU George!) there will be a table of successful guesses.

HOWEVER, since I'm not wanting to turn this into a major Google-tempting comp, I'll be promoting it terms of what people got. So you can take pride in your knowledge of female electronica, but if that ain't your bag you can feel equally chuffed with only getting one track right but it was a great R&B classic favourite.

2. eMusic
Okay, if you haven't already had an invite for this, just ask (thanks be to Skuds for mine!). Even if you don't necessarily take it up beyond the free period I still think its worthwhile (and a darn sight less worrying than the Russian mafia!). UPDATE: if you go in through a friend invite we all get extra freebies on the deal!

3. New music
Talking of music, I guess I better come clean about my music addiction generally as I had a major acquisition session at Aberdeen. Not just at lovely One-Up but also through the lovely G's recommendations. Hee.

4. Live music reviews
We're off to see Thomas Truax tonight. You'll get an update. It's the first of several gigs this autumn (both classical and pop) that we have booked for. I just hope the travelling-with-your-instruments difficulties get resolved soon as I would HATE to miss out on something because of that farcical policy.


Gordon said...

eMusic - free downloads - YES PLEASE!!

(God, I'm such a whore)

Ohh and I'm having YOUR yesterday, today. Fun fun funnnnbleeuch

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Not a whore, it was a genuine offer! Find my email as I need to email the link to you (this will get both you and me more free music - though no worries if you have just gone to it...)