Friday, September 29, 2006

Fireplaces installed - awaiting plasterer

This is the new dining room fireplace.

Photo by Rullsenberg: Valentine fireplace

It was previously this monstrosity.

Photo by Rullsenberg: old dining room fireplace made of bricks

And this is the new front room fireplace (the beloved beast I fell for earlier this year).

Photo by Rullsenberg: Toulouse fireplace

Its predecessor was actually doubly hideous: when it came to pulling it down we realised it was essentially brick fascia on board. Grrr.

Photo by Rullsenberg: old front room fireplace made of crud

Now the monsters have gone!


David Duff said...

Damn! They are gorgeous! Well chosen.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Well not having to look at nasty 70s brick (or even fake brick) monsters certainly pleases us.

It's a 1905 house; the least we could so for it was give it some decent downstairs fireplaces of the Art Nouveau period!

chrissie said...

Sleek and very sexy fireplaces!
Love them!! Ta for pics you emailed.

Rob said...

Lovely. Are those actual tiles in the dining room one? (As opposed to the equally impressive fancy tiling-with-cast-metal-overlays in the other.) Every now and then I encounter some yummy example of fireplace tiling - often original - in Edinburgh. My favourite had the legend of Tristan and Isolde tiled up the sides. Damn! I wanted that.

Matt_c said...

Aside from the new fireplace my mum and dad had put in to replace the utterly shite 70s gas thing that was in there that's the nicest fireplace conversion I've ever seen.

I would give it 5 Sarah Beanies and a Justin and Colin. (Although Justin and Colin are a bit shit they did make me laugh...)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Glad you folks like!

Re: the tiles on the dining room fire (the "Valentine") we chose some tiles call 'jazz' which feature a flower design. We chose the red.

The front room one has royal blue tiles insert to display beneath the cast iron overlay.

Rob I have to say the tiles featuring Tristan and Isolde sound fab! It wasn't from one of these sets was it?

Rob said...

No, there was a design up each side of the fireplace which was made up of either 4 or 8 tiles. It was very impressive, and I suspect it was a Victorian original.

We don't have anything like that, though we've some really neat plasterwork on our living-room ceiling. Oh, and our stair-carpet is an off-cut from the carpets for the SS "Mauretania", apparently.