Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thomas Truax

What a GREAT night!

We had a lovely meal at a local restaurant we hadn't been to before (French), and we got to see the wonderful Thomas Truax!

Support came from guitar singer Carl (hmmm... I'm thinking he's been listening a tad too much to Pete Doherty). He was a strange mix of talent: the guitar playing was generally interesting and fine, the lyrics full of observant and dreamlike narration, but there was also a large amount of incredibly misplaced arrogance [UPDATE: whilst also being very self critical and apologetic about his errors/difficulties... it was a bit tiresome...]. Anyway, I'm sure he'll go far...

Second support, Felix, was far more enjoyable. Again, a strong dollop of inspiration to the fore (in this case Suzanne Vega and Regina Spektor) but if a cute girl can play her keyboard and sing that well, I'm very happy to listen to her.

But Thomas Truax! Coming with high recommendations from lovely Clare, and a recent display of enthusiasm from George, we knew it would be good (I'd already tasted the myspace.) Mad instruments! Audience participation! And so it proved. Even though sections of the audience were in confused laughter and bewilderment at times, it was all taken to heart. And needless to say we scampered up to get our CDs with glee. (And name-check Clare!)

A grand night!

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Clare said...

Isn't he great!

And I love the idea of you name-checking me. Did he stare at you in bewilderment until you said "You know, the mad woman in Manchester who put you up a couple of times"??