Sunday, January 22, 2006

In other music news: Mark Kozelek is back

On the fabled 4AD sampler - no, I haven't lost it again in the midst of my bag - there was a track by Red House Painters. I love it greatly but somehow haven't gotten around to purchasing more of their stuff. I may well be rectifying that soon. Especially after I recognised Mark Kozelek's style on the CD being played whilst I purchased a great one line and a gamble CD. "That sounds like Red House Painters" I said to the guy in Selectadisc secondhand, aka Was. "Yes, it's the new Sun Kil Moon CD covering Modest Mouse songs." Wow: I like Modest Mouse, so that hit the bells with me. Still, I tried not to look blank at the name Sun Kil Moon. Imagine my joy when reading Word magazine today to see an ad for the same CD with the tagline "the voice of Red House Painters". Yeah for me! [Being able to look the staff in Selectadisc in the eye on their specialist topic of non-mainstream music is never easy, as the lovely troubled diva noted: search for "selectadisc" and read away!].

And now Selectadisc sell online... hide that debit card.

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