Monday, January 23, 2006

Restless Natives / The School of Rock: reviews

Hee hee hee. I needed a laugh. My voice is (just about) returned so its back in the office for me (BOO!!). Therefore I needed to cheer me up. These did the trick nicely.

Firstly Restless Natives. Awh, this was just one of those films that makes you grin. Yeah, it was light and frothy, but sometimes you just need to be light. Even I could spot that the accents were off-base (hmm... Rullsenberg can spot that a Glasgow accent probably doesn't belong in Edinburgh), but despite this minor quibble it was just so much fun. It seems that it has long been off track until the recent DVD release, but it is worth seeking out now. Highway robbery of tourist buses by two lads dressed as a clown and a wolfman: great scenary, sweet premise, apt music (Big Country sounded great) - what more could you want? It satisfied my afternoon anyway.

And then it was The School of Rock. Many had raved about this to me, and Jack Black can be rather entertaining (he can also be an annoying jerk but thats another matter). Anyway, fresh from watching him in D.P.O. we took up the challenge of The School of Rock. What a wonderfully enjoyable film. The kids were suitably annoying and charming in turns, and what it lacked in originality it more than made up for with charismatic charm. The music was just great and who couldn't raise a giggling cheer to see the final stage dive. Still singing after the film has finished? You betcha.


Rob said...

Don't know if you're familiar with Dorothy Dunnett? Author (now deceased) of middle-to-highbrow historical novels, mostly in the Niccolo series (14th century) or the Lymond series (16th). Also my personal favourite, "King Hereafter", a book about Macbeth based in her own wholly plausible but definitely left-field take on Orcadian/Scots genealogy.

Anyway, "Restless Natives" was scripted by her son Ninian. Not sure what he's doing these days.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I had heard of DD but didn't know the family connection. By all accounts pretty much everyone involved with Restless natives seems to have fallen off the media planet. A great pity.