Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Trusting someone else with a camera

Hee. This gem from Anna at is very amusing.

Being still in the non-digital age of photographs - that may change due to this forthcoming trip - i have over the years accumulated many many photographs of random buildings taken solely to finish a film (I have a spectacular set of the tram lines in Nottingham being installed taken on the grounds I had met Douglas Henshall and was desperate to complete the film to get the picture back. Picture now safely installed in frame and also acts as background to my work computer. Sigh.)

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Anonymous said...

I also now have a framed photo of myself with Douglas Henshall. I also had one as a screensaver on my home computer. It was part of a slide show and only came up every few minutes, but my daughter removed it from the list!

If you buy a digital camera buy one that is easy to use, otherwise you will find yourself worrying about accidentally deleting the photos or making a complete mess of them. I speak from experience.