Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Gamble

The only track of Maximo Park's that I like was a track I only knew by its brilliant opening/closing line: "I sleep with my hands across my chest /and I dream of you with someone else". Great. can't really get their other 'tunes' but for that line I love that song. Anyway, spotting it in selectadisc secondhand for £1 - and seeing they have a 20% off sale at the mo there - I popped to get it. Fab. I now have no further need of this band. Job done.

However I then took a gamble on a totally unknown CD purely cos the pseudo-Saul Bass graphics were great, and the band name and titles were great. The music is mostly thrashy guitar drum clatter, but it had enough to make it worth the purchase. There is an article here that suggests the band may(is?) no more, but this was 29 mins worth obtaining. The Band was: The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg; the album was 'Everyone's In Love And Flowers Pick Themselves'; and for me it was hard to choose between the thashy noise and the post-rock tracks. Worth a gamble, especially with another 20% of the second-hand sale price.

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