Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Changing faces

I'm with Shakespeare's Sis on the response to this story.

Personally I think that plastic surgery is largely a con on a willing but often deluded public; those who work in the cosmetic end of the business are mostly exploiting a tragic sense of vanity.


Paul said...

Shakespeare's Sis is spot on ! They can have the plastic surgery for the sake of vanity - I'll keep my old mug thank you !!

Marie said...

Where do you draw the line though? I had my teeth straightened and overbite corrected when I was a child and am much happier now, thanks. And when my hair starts to go grey, I'll dye it. OK, so neither of those take a general anaesthetic, but they're both unnecessary cosmetic alterations to improve my appearance - who am I to say that people should not have nose jobs? Oh, and I am quite vain.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Teeth straightened - check (I had too many teeth with the usual number most people had: too small a mouth... no jokes please!)

Hair dyed - check (though I am behind on this and am increasingly resembling little old lady. Needs resolving before the blogmeet in Manc!)

Am I vain? Scarcely, but one person's vanity may be another's stupidity. When I get that I look like a minor character in Lost, then I will worry.

Gert said...

I reckon anybody who lacks an obvious disfigurement or injury and seeks plastic surgery should be forced in extended counselling, where hopefully, the counsellor will gently and tactfully say "Get a life..."