Monday, January 09, 2006

Golden Delicious = yes: Golden Wonder = no

Seems that those crisps I didn't like as a child are no more.

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Rob said...

This may be selective memory, but Golden Wonder are the first "Ready Salted" crisps I can remember. In my extreme youth, crisps were (a) made by Smiths (b) unsalted and in a bag with a twist of blue paper containing the salt. A taste I associate with fizzy orange pop and Radio Luxembourg, as a result f many trans-Pennine stops with my parents at Nont Sarah's pub somewhere near Bradford: they went in, my big bro and I (under age) stayed in the car with fizz and crisps, and took the opportunity to listen to HORACE BATCHELOR'S INFRA-DRAW and some decent pop music.