Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am re-enacting a Buffy episode

This one: complete with mis-interpreted gestures and attempts to encourage lip-reading. I need one of these boards.

Yes folks, I am off work by instruction as doc advises I have to not talk. AT ALL. Which as I teach / advise students is a big problem to get over in the office.

This instruction to not talk is either to save me and my voice from disappearing completely or is a grotesque joke at my expense made by those desperate to get some respite from my nigh endless yammering.

As yet I am unsure which.


HolyhosesRob said...

Ah, "Hush," best-episode-evar

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Too many good moments. Whedon was probably right that the season didn't work too well but ironically it has many of the series best episodes.

For the PRICELESS bit where Buffy gestures staking and cues some 'confused' responses till she repeats the gesture with the stake... awards for genius all round. Brilliant.

Rob Buckley said...

That was a good moment. Liked the fact that they were playing the Jonathan Creek theme tune during it, Anthony Head having been the magician Jonathan worked for during the first season. God, I love an in-joke.

Incidentally, the board you're looking for is called a "communications board". If your uni has a speech and language therapy department, they might be able to lend you one...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yes, I liked the Creek connection too - and of course it was used by Hitchcock (a certain Hitchcockian style to the episode as well).

She-Who-Reads said...

I agree, "Hush" is the best Buffy ep ever! (Except for maybe "Once More, With Feeling." Or "Restless." Or maybe "The Body"...!) I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite moment from "Hush"...I like the moment you mentioned, but also the moment when Xander thinks Spike has killed Anya. Oooh, and when Xander realizes no one can talk and tries to call Buffy on the phone! That was cute.

As for you not being able to talk -- that sucks! It must be incredibly frustrating. I hope you get better soon!