Sunday, January 01, 2006

6Music mysteriously turned into Trent FM last night

Before Cloud and I ventured to neighbours for mucho food, wine and excessive silliness, we had been enjoying listening to Andrew Collins and the 6Music countdown of the albums of the year. Predictably but delightfully The Arcade Fire was at No. 1. Brilliant.

Then, without us really spotting how it happened, the programme turned at 6pm into the New Year's Eve Party...

Suddenly, we realised that not only were we being regaled with bad 70s music and cheesy anecdotes, but they were also making copious references to places like "The Black Orchid" in Nottingham - a very bad, warehouse building of a nightclub for dancing round your handbag-ness, calling pints "poofs", and sockless boy wonders who felt you were obligated to "cop off" with them... My God! 6Music had turned into Trent FM, local Nottingham radio station 'famous' for giving Dale Winton one of his big breaks into showbiz. Think Smashey and Nicey on Radio Local.


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