Friday, January 06, 2006

On drinking

I should perhaps have not littered Kerron's comments box, so I'll link to his post and therefore my remarks there on the issue of "alcoholism" and "drink problems".


Kerron said...

No problem, but it is worrying when the comments are becoming better than the actual posts! :-)

HolyhosesRob said...

I agree with you about the drink and the lying, Lisa. They kept hammering on about the lies on the radio, whereas I thought everyone knew that admitting you had a problem was the hardest part of it, just about.

Simon Hughes got to me a bit, with his po-faced statements about organising the election and not thinking about standing. Maybe he just wants to avoid blatant lies to the media! Lying is quite common in politics as in life, so I don't know what the fuss is about, really.

I also agree that 2 months is nothing in drink problem terms, so he probably really should step down to give himself a chance.

Shuggy said...

I really don't understand why he wants to continue - new baby, drink problem; he's got enough to be getting on with.

I'm glad he's admitted it. A friend of mine saw him at Glasgow airport a while ago so plastered he couldn't work the automated check-in thingy. I'd agree two months is nothing in terms of addiction. Even I managed to quit smoking for more than two months.

Reidski said...

Rob - Simon Hughes is a vile, evil, horrible, nasty fucker. Take the clock back 20-odd years and remember the homophobic, racist and generally reactionary campaign that the Liberals carried out to win Bermondsey at the time - and they still get the BNP-supporting vote in that constituency. In saying that, he beat Peter Tatchell, who is himself a prat!

And, yes, Kennedy should resign - but, then again, fuck it, who cares?

Paul said...

Alcoholism is a lifelong battle-to stay sober. Admitting that one is powerless is the first step to recovery.