Friday, January 13, 2006

Shelving, books and other C&P matters

By C&P of course I mean the delightful Crockett & Powell blog/shop.

This caught my eye in their blog:
The question of shelving is exemplary in classification since they are physical objects and can only be put in one place. Incidentally I am always fascinated by the ways people to shelve their own books, and for what reasons. Some are wholly aesthetic — by size or colour — others seem to follow wholly idiosyncratic taxonomies. I files books first by a poetry/fiction/non-fiction choice, then by country of origin for fiction and a largely extemporary division for non-fiction, roughly by subject so the philosophy books tend to congregate and sex ends up next to chocolate.

I'd recommend 'The Libraries of Thought and Imagination'[2] for more interesting specualtion on related matters.

2. Alec Finlay, Ed. The Libraries of Thought and Imagination. Polygon, 2002. ISBN: 0748663002
Now THAT'S what I call an interesting comment!

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