Sunday, January 22, 2006

Regina Specktor

Oh my GOD! This is one damn fine album and Regina Spektor is one damn fine performer!

I had heard a couple of tracks on the radio (which pretty much divided listeners into love and hate). Being attracted to it I took a gamble. Worth it in bucketloads. For some of you it may be a turn off if I say I find her to be the female equivalent of Rufus Wainwright - maybe its the piano - but this is the kind of quirk that I can easily love (as opposed to a certain Mercury Music winner that still brings me out in hives).

Anyway, I say that she's worth a listen. There appear to have been a fair few comments on her in recent times, equally not sure how to take her. Check out here and here and here for an overview/interview.


Martin said...

I ordered the lp a couple of weeks ago based on what I'd heard on the radio but since then I've read mixed reviews. Glad to hear a positive spin on it and a bit narked I can't see her on Thursday in Mcr.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Don't get me wrong; I can see she is an acquired taste. I wouldn't expect everyone to like her. But I was really impressed. Besides which the DVD that comes with it has the video for the new single "Us" (a real standout I have to say) and man, that girl is quite hot!

Anonymous said...

At pukkelpop, yesterday i saw Regina specktor live!!!!!!!!!!!!
and now i just can´t get enought of them they are REALLY AMAZING!!!

and i couldn´t stop myself from buying hte cd....

ps.pukktlpop was in belguim the 17th of august was the day i say them

ok later Stephanie C.W
(a fan)