Friday, January 27, 2006

Jane Garvey and travelling home

Rob's post - belatedly caught by me - is perfect. Not only does he continue the well-deserved praise of the fantastic Jane Garvey (driving home just isn't the same without her on the radio), but he also has brilliant comments to make on drivers and accidents. I'd heard the horrors of the particular accident he mentions, but his report perfectly captures what happens
"following a coach-motorcycle interface. It opened shortly before I set off for home, and it wasn't too bad, considering, except I then got stuck in a 10-mile-Southbound tailback caused by people slowing down to look at the umpty-mile tailback on the other side. I love it when people do that. I lurve it. I want to kiss the people who do that. With my fist of wrath.

The northbound problem was caused - drumroll - by a truck and something that was now spread over most of the 3 lanes. So the motorway was closed for several hours between J23 and J23a. Cars sitting behind the incident were in the for the long haul, their lights and engines switched off (apart from one - optimistic? stupid? - Audi driver, who was clearly so Important and Busy that he was confident of being let through)."
Yes, because what we all need to do when there has been an accident is slow down to look: what is it with that response?! And why, despite all signs to the contrary is there always someone who is "so Important and Busy that he was confident of being let through"? I'm only amazed he wasn't driving a BMW...

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