Sunday, December 11, 2005

My 4AD sampler is missing! (updated: no longer missing)

Okay, I'm clearly going insane because I've just spent the last hour frantically tearing my house apart trying to locate my beloved 4AD sampler CD from UNCUT magazine that is both irreplaceable and much played.

Being of unsound mind, I cannot access any rational "last seen" memory because I have images of burglars / pixies / martians stealing it from me in my head.

In the great scheme of things, a mislocated CD ain't much beef: and before someone suggests I just copy it back off my i-Tunes ... THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! I was trying to find it to put it ONTO i-Tunes.

Okay, I'll stop shouting, but seriously, I'm going wappy here. If anyone has it, finds it, or can see into my mind to work out where it is, let me know. I noticed it was missing because I was working my way through my CD compilations which are at the start of my well-organised CD collection.

SNIFF! Wah!!!!

UPDATE: 6.28pm
Found it.

It was in my handbag: obviously has been in my work bag for some time.

Blush. I am, officially and with some good reason, an idiot.

But at least I found it!


Darren said...

Why would the Pixies try and steal your 4AD CD? Unless it was a particularly piss poor track of theirs on the freebie CD.

Marie said...

Off subject, but did you see the Observer magazine today? :-)

ardeelee said...

luv luv the

this has nothing to do with your entry.

i'm now

sorry for the inconvenience.....please make necessary changes....


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

All off topic comments welcome (especially when they involve Paisley boys or notification of blogname changes!)

Oh yeah, and the track was "Debaser" so really not piss poor - unlike my ability to not behave like a total nit.