Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lorna are just brilliant

Okay, so you may have seen the review in Mojo (August 2005). You may even have stumbled on their website - linked to on my Music sidebar. If you're a myspace user, you may even have found them here. If you were attentive you saw them here as well when I recommended one of their gigs to you.

I say, get your ass out if you're in the London area tomorrow to go and see them (just £5).

Thurs July 28th: The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London. A club AC30 night, with Christian Savill of Slowdive

They make great music, they're really lovely peeps, they're tres friendly, and if you do go see them tell Mark Rolfe from me he's a a real sweetie and I wish I was there to see them!

Their next gig is for the WORDS ON MUSIC US SHOWCASE, WITH COASTAL Thursday 18th August 2005, The Tangiers, Los Angeles, California.

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