Wednesday, July 20, 2005

3 bands/musical artistes at your birthday party

Go on, choose. You can have anyone at all, bands or solo artistes (living or dead - though obviously to avoid any Shaun moments you may prefer to imagine that they were alive to be performing).

When first asked this I said I would go for Pulp (recapturing the spirit of the Highbury garage gig), current faves Misty's Big Adventure (because they'd be a hoot) and The Arcade Fire (because on current sell-out popularity I have about as much chance of seeing them as sneaking into a suitcase to NYC!)

On another day it may be Ballboy (who have always been good VFM live), Godspeed You Black Emperor and Ella Fitzgerald (now THAT's what I call an eclectic musical lineup).

If I can go back in time, a good point in Bobby Dylan's career, alongside Bruce Springsteen and Randy Newman would be good.

Oooh... how about a bit of Charlie Mingus, with some Nina Simone followed by... ooh, change of direction... Bjork?

On a different track again ... how about Vladimir Ashkenazy playing Rachmanov's 3rd Piano Concerto, the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra doing Mahler's 5th (I have memories of a broadcast version that was much better than the Berlin one Rattle conducted) and some Sigur Ros?

Gosh, too many things to consider! But thanks to Paul W for the prompt!


Casyn said...

See I'm easy to please. Rather than having to choose from the plethora of music that I like, I could just ask a few friends to play and it'd be a night of fantastic music. :-)

John said...

Already had it:

Three Johns, Chumbawamba, the Mekons:

Leeds Irish Centre, 21/11/02

Ideally the Pogues would have played too.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

those are the type of friends I like: able to play musical instruments or at least able to convey musical sounds.

I could always get George's band to play, mind.

Just don't let Cloud near the cymbals (he'd miss).

Neil said...

I heard that. Which is more than can be said for the cymbal clash.

Cue much muttering and clanking.

AnnaWaits said...
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AnnaWaits said...

Good choices there! I'm so gonna blog when I get chance :)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ooh! Ooh! Another selection comes to mind:

Cole Porter, Rufus Wainwright and The Divine Comedy

AnnaWaits said...

Oh that is so good!