Thursday, July 28, 2005

A period pleasure: Douglas Henshall as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Come on, you didn't expect me to NOT enjoy it did you?

Even Cloud didn't huff too much. A lovely, tender and appropriately restrained performance in a languid drama with luscious cinematography. Tortured by his creation, Doyle was desperate to be free even as he could not escape him.

Wonderful stuff.

Reviews from the press can be found as ever in the usual place (scroll for reviews): good that someone out there gathers this ephemera for preservation, because goodness knows websites come and go (and their content) too quickly.

Mind, I was gratified to discover that Nancy Banks-Smith continues to support my theory that almost everytime there's a Douglas Henshall work to be reviewed, she's eager to put up her hand in the meetings saying "me! me!"

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AnnaWaits said...

I missed this! How very annoying... :(