Friday, July 29, 2005

"Give this man a major film role"

Charlie Lee-Potter in last weekend's Night and Day magazine, previewing one of my favourite scenes from Wednesday's Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Conan Doyle drama:
One of the toughest tasks for any actor must surely be to deliver the line ‘Cream cakes- And scones- And jam' and make it sound interesting. Henshall manages to do it. And I don't think I've ever seen an actor swallow with more meaning. It's true that one swallow doesn't make a springboard for a great acting career. But Henshall deserves to be a huge star. Give this man a major film role, someone. And be quick about it.
Yes, I know, the Daily Mail. I didn't buy it if that helps, but the sentiment was too good to ignore.

Mind, some of us have been saying he's worth being better known for years: check out Orphans, Anna Karenina, whatever you can lay your hands on. Get your ass to London to see Death of a Salesman with the magnificent Brian Dennehy.

This quotation comes to you thanks to the Douglas Henshall Yahoo Message Board and I trust will appear in the articles soon here: you can't not be grateful to those who find such gems.

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