Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More than an 'event': checking our friends, contacts and the internet community

Struggling Author re-emerged today, marking one of my last frets for the impact of Thursday on blogging contacts. And she makes a really good point that I confess I have been as guilty of as others: use of the term "events" to describe what happened rather than that brutally accurate terminology of "bombs". Language is so important, and we must use it wisely: something picked up by Cloud in a related context.

Still, thanks to everyone who got in touch, how we let each other know we were okay, even if we're shaken to the core by these events.

And it's not trivial or demeaning to the current horrors of post-bombing London to go back to blogging, whatever our usual topics of humour and daily entertainment. It's living, and we do no one any favours by trying to pretend otherwise, or meet some artificial criteria of seriousness. For sure, realisations that we cannot, do not, live in a social bubble outside the scope of violence, are important - but so are the little things that connect us, that create friendships, contacts and our internet communities. And these are the things that no bomb should destroy, directly or indirectly.

So on that note, can I laugh very heartily at spotting Struggling Author's two recent additions to the bottom of her list headed "If you like this, you may like this..." (scroll)

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