Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mercury Music nominations

Anna gets in a post on this, but I have to say that it's hardly an inspiring list.

Cloud quite likes the catchiness of the Kaiser Chiefs - hint, hint to Rullsenberg - but mostly for the parody appeal of their lyrics (you can sing just about anything to them he reckons). Coldplay... well, sorry, but I just cannot raise enough energy to really care about them. I've liked what I've heard of both The Magic Numbers and The Go! Team (apologies to Paul W. for not having yet invested in the MN album, despite your cheering approval). George saw Bloc Party last year and raved about them but in truth I wouldn't know a tune of theirs if it came up and bit me on the bum. He also said KT Tunstall was a fine songstress, but recent spotty knowledge of her hasn't inspired me to see her as much more than a harder version of Dido (sure to get slapped for that). M.I.A. is someone I feel I should like, and if I could get my ass into gear to listen properly I probably would easily slot her into our selection of hip-hip style performers. Seth Lakeman, Hard-Fi, Maximo Park, Polar Bear... sorry dudes but I'm not on familiar terms with you either.

And I know that John will be definitely be hoping for that outside bet to come through on Antony and the Johnsons (snigger).

Now why can't Mercury be a Commonwealth thang, then we know that these folk would win for this.


John said...

Please, god, no.

Probably worth a flutter alright, knowing the way these awards work. The Go! Team album is pretty catchy if oddly produced. I missed them at Primavera, so I don't know what they're like live. Doubt they'd compare with the Arcade Fire, though.

Marie said...

Maximo Park are actually pretty good. My money's on MIA, though, despite the fact that I haven't actually heard her album. Kaiser Chiefs have bought themselves quite a lot of goodwill, though, by being festival champs and general good sports. But you're right - all in all a bit of a yawnfest.