Friday, July 29, 2005

Labels for actors: Mil Millington

Oh come on Blogger, I really MUST have blogged on this before. I know that I've emailed virtually every person I know with this, partly because it so totally cracked me and Cloud up when we read it. So why can't I trace it through searching? Am I just search-engine dumb?

Yeah, probably.

Still, its a great passage, and a sentiment I'm sure many of us share regarding the "who's that guy?" experience. Besides, it would make great sense for that damn "press red for interactive" button.
I'm here to make an appeal for the population of the earth to wear name tags at all times. (Six tags if you're an actor: your character's name, your real name, a list of things you've been in before, your character's name in all those things, the other actor who - "Oh, come on, you know " - you look a bit like and the things that other actor has been in.) Please, do it. They cost only a few pence and you'll save me an awful lot of time.

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