Thursday, February 24, 2005

Notification of temporary blog absence: stupidity and crime

My phone - and later I realised my purse - got stolen yesterday, so I'm having a bit of a Josh Lyman moment in terms of managing my state of mind. Being cursed with a brain that is ripe fodder for any person interested in planting false memories, I'm rapidly losing track of what happened and am envisaging in-depth investigation by the police and my phone company that will result in my totally losing my marbles and admitting to the theft of Shergar, the Kennedy assassinations, and being the brains behind the black-oil conspiracy (Not sure if the X-files I watched last night helped or not). Cloud says if I start hearing brass bands, he'll call for help. I'm going to try to avoid putting my hand through any windows ("don't do that") or developing a fear of rectangles. I'm hoping someone will come down the hole and show me a way out...

Bear with me folks, I'm feeling a little fragile...

If I don't post before, I'll see ya'll on Tuesday when I return from having a couple of days off work. No, I'm not being utterly wussy about a minor crime: I had already booked the time off - ostensibly to work on my Chick Flicks essay.


Neil said...

With smarties changing to a hexa-cube all it would take is Toblerone to change to a rectangle and you'd be really scared.

It's the rectangular oblongs of rectangular things...Love

Casyn said...

What a bugger! I have a similar problem with my memory.

Last week I left my mobile somewhere in the theatre, but as I'd just finished a rehearsal it was on silent, thus making calling it a futile task, until I came up with the idea of turning out all the lights and then calling it so I could see the glow of the keypad. There it was sitting on the arm of a seat.

I hope you can recover it somehow. Of course, it's the things you can't recover that are the things you want back the most.