Monday, February 21, 2005

"Why Kate Moss will never get married..."

Cloud spotted this statement - or something very like it - on the cover of a woman's magazine and promptly responded "because she's a man"!!!

The actual response (he told me, so I think he was doing more than just looking at the cover) was apparantly that her heart was broken by Johnny Depp. He refused to commit and so proved to her that no man could properly commit to marriage...

Now my initial response to this was perhaps the problem was more with KM than with JD, but it turns out that I was wrong in my assumption that he was happily married to sometime actress/singer Vanessa Paradis (star of one of my favourite French films The Girl on the Bridge). Nevertheless, they have been together some while now and have two children. Besides, since when was a marriage certificate proof of committment? Cloud and me - that's 15 years together and, apart from cats, we haven't invoked children to demand committment (I'm not sprogging for anyone!)

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