Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Channel 4 viewers vs. star panel: best videos

Hmm... how does the list compiled by Channel 4 last weekend compare to the list of 20 presented in the Observer a couple of weekends ago and commented on here? As usual, forgetting what was shown by the Ultimate Film list they did last year, Channel 4 first of all limited the selection AND then passed it on to their viewers to decide. Erm... Meatloaf?! 50 Cent?! Some of these choices seem quirky at best; downright bonkers at worst. Christina Aguilera... urgh... I feel dirty in an entirely different way even thinking about that pseudo-pornographic trash.

Still, it was good to see some of the works omitted in the 'musicians' list getting a mention, such as Cry, and the programme itself did at least show a good proportion of many of the works listed. Always good to Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime (even though the line "this is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife" brings to mind thoughts of bunnies and a certain manic depressive psychiatric Doctor Nash.... ahem). And the comments made about Mr Cash's Hurt - so simple, yet it leaves you sobbing on the floor like a baby - only reinforced how deserving it was of its top place on the musician's list.

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