Monday, February 21, 2005

Delicious Library: a webtool of my desires

Yesterday Cloud pointed out yet another object of desire for my geekiness. Being a cataloguer of note (books, photocopies, CDs, DVDs etc.), Neil thought that John Naughton's recommendation in The Observer may appeal to me.
I have a neat piece of software with the improbable name of Delicious Library. It enables me to use a webcam as a barcode scanner in order to create a catalogue of all the books and CDs in the house. If you scan a barcode, the program then looks up the book or CD on the Amazon catalogue and automatically fills in its cataloguing details - in real time. Other kinds of services use automated access to Google in the same way.
MOMMA! That is one cool piece of software. Of course, we need the house rewiring, the computer to be upgraded from the one that Noah used, a webcam, and a broadband connection --- but other than that we're ready to go with getting holding of this!


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Casyn said...

I can't help it. It's going to be bad...

That program sounds delicious!

Arrrrrg. Kill me now!