Friday, February 11, 2005

Sideways: a belated review

Went to see Sideways on Thursday: I have to say we really enjoyed it. The acting was superb - Paul Giamatti provides echoes of the glorious hangdog performance he gave in American Splendour whilst adding more tenderness to his character - and the script was really well put together. Most of the comments we heard on our way out said how "real" it felt: this for a movie about driving through Californian wine country as a last ditch exploration of male middle-age feedom before marriage for an out-of-work actor. Hardly identifiable stuff for Nottingham's Broadway audience. But somehow it struck a chord: there was such great affection in the portrayals, such raw emotions (un)explored... it was a truly touching film. That it could also use high farce to such great effect was truly admirable - hardly a surprise though when you check the back catalogue of the director and find the marvellous Election on there.

Mind you, one of the most priceless moments came when, following the line about "you don't unerstand my plight," one old dear behind us loudly asked her friend "you don't understand my what?"

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