Monday, June 02, 2008

Afterthoughts on 'the Library'

Criminal, I tell you, it's criminal. Missing such a superb piece of drama for this year's New Faces/Opportunity Knocks. WTF? I'm sorry, I just do not get talent shows; never have, never will. Apologies to all who are addicted to them. At least the AI ratings show those who did watch DW appreciated the effort.

And before anyone asks why I may not be around their online place this week, I'm trying to stay as spoiler and prediction free as is possible in this interweb world we live in. I ADORED the Moffat episode; it made me feel everything from fear to sadness, admiration to longing - and yes, there were still a few good laughs in it, as dark as it was (anyone else distracted by noticing the Doctor's sculptured hair? I haven't kept tabs on the shooting order but I'm inclined to bet this was in the same block as Planet of the Ood.).

I want to be as up for seeing part 2 as is feasible. I've even barred friends from speculating with me: I will duck opening DWM until after the episode airs and I will even then avoid reading the preview puffery pieces the mag does for the remaining episodes. In fact it is quite plausible I will buy the mag and hide it in my teenager bedroom until after the end of the season.

Did I say I enjoyed Saturday's episode?

And oh yeah: someone PLEASE tell me they haven't actually demolished the gorgeous Swansea library where this was filmed? It's a library! Let it be a library again! With, you know, BOOKS. I swear that the term 'Resource Centre' brings me out in hives.


MediumRob said...

The old Swansea Central Library got bought/taken over by Swansea Metropolitan Uni and they're going to turn it into student accommodation. The new one's on the sea front. It's quite nice.

Your friendly Swansea-ite in waiting.

Magical_M said...

Best. Episode. This. Series.

Thus far of course... I'm hoping that the proper return of Rose will top it.

But my goodness... I think I sat there on the edge of my seat for the last five minutes with my mouth hanging open in shock, fear and awe. Just BRILLIANT!

Alex Kingston was wonderful - funny, moving - spot on.

I'm enjoying Catherine Tate much more than I did Freema Agyeman as a companion for the Doctor - she's wicked funny and bang on the mark.

And the little girl is much more convincing than the kid who was in Fear Her, who was bit wooden. Good kid casting in this one.

Oh and yes, the sculptured hair. Its got a life of its own.

Cannot WAIT to see how this sotry finishes up. Steven Moffat is a genius.

Magical_M said...

story - not sotry. my bad.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Rob - glad to hear some survival for the old Swansea Library (knew I could rely on you!) though a shame its got to be accommodation. I kinda think libraries should be, ya know, LIBRARIES. With, ya know, BOOKS.


And magical_m - you are pretty much utterly right. Though I do wish that Freema had been better - it held so much promise and delivered so little: Tate has been awesome. Am still staying clear of thoughts and spoilers (how apt), even down to my friend emailing that she has talked to a colleague with her theories - without telling me what they are as I threatened her with pain of death if she speculated in my general direction. [her mail was headed "DW theory - no theory listed in email" -- she's just dying to do the great "I was right!" come next weekend!!!]

MediumRob said...

"I kinda think libraries should be, ya know, LIBRARIES. With, ya know, BOOKS."

I know what you mean, but Swansea now has a new library; Swansea Uni already had one; and frankly, since they had to shut it down in 2006 after one of the floors turned out to be structurally unstable, I'd rather it fell on some students than some books!

Tee hee.