Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last night's jokes

Had a fun night out with Cloud and a friend watching a comedy night with Ivan Brackenbury (hospital radio DJ - aka Tom Binns) doing a practice run for Edinburgh, followed by Tim Vine doing a practice run for his forthcoming DVD filmed set.

My sides hurt a bit from chuckling but it almost made up for missing out on the following possible gig night (which helpfully Cloud emailed me about today before realising it had happened during our comedy night out!). Chances missed eh?! And they sound so good!

These United States & Vandaveer.
These United States
“It is, without being at all overly enthusiastic, one of the best records you will hear this year, and it will make you feel completely human. You’ll feel your fingernails grow. You’ll start to understand what all of your facial muscles do when they’re not smiling or frowning. You’ll taste that blood as it finds all of your many cracks and detours.” DAYTROTTER

"This generation's Nick Drake." -- XM CAFE "Very dark and beautifully grim. It’s like the Decemberists with a Tom-Waits-by-streetlight feel, and just a hint of Andrew Bird in the vocals.” -- YOU AIN'T NO PICASSO

Music that strives to capture the same emotions as a Herzog film, a Bacon painting or a Sarah Kane play. Stark, brutal and thrillingly honest portrayals of the intensities of existence. Fans of Low, Silver Mt.Zion, English folk and Wilderness should enjoy this...

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