Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Review: Lowdham and Lichfield

If it's the end of June, it must be Lowdham Book festival: our third visit following our first in 2006 and then last year (2007). It's been going much longer than that but hey we were late arrivals.

There was less water than last year (the cricket field no longer resembled a lake) and there were no sandbags in the streets. But nicely we did get a second encounter with the lovely Creme de la Crime crew including the delightful Maureen Carter. Maureen was understandably excited that her fifth Bev Morriss novel - due out August - had some preview copies out for sale. So I was well happy to fill out my shelves by picking up books 3 and 4 - Baby Love and Hard Time respectively - (to add to last year's Working Girls [book 1] and Dead Old [book 2]), and obviously to get Bad Press [book 5] a little earlier than the shops. I was also pretty chuffed to get a follow-up to Roz Southey's Broken Harmony (Chords and Discords), another mystery fiction with a healthy dollop of historical musical knowledge thrown in. With a couple of books selected at a bargain price, I walked off with 6 books. Way-hey! That's my non-existent summer weeks off sorted then -- darn, I will have to start reading at lunchtime again!

Anyway, Maureen was especially lovely - we even had a little hug after our chat - and it all felt great. I even felt good about my splurge (I only bought one second hand book - a copy of Le Guin's Earthsea Quartet as I had been trying to get a single volume copy for some time) as Cloud managed to turn up with 10 books.

Yes, that is 17 between us.

We are addicted to books. And no, we apparently can't handle it...

After Lowdham we drove through Southwell, past the glorious Minster and the Museum of the British Horological Society (Cloud jested - in honour of Tim Vine - that we didn't have time to stop there), and on to Newark for a wander around the streets of Newark and the castle and a visit to our nearest [aka not very bloody near at all] Waitrose. Then it was back home for Doctor Who --- on which note, see previous post. La-la, head in the sand, I'm not listening, I'm denying every and all speculation, I will be reading your reviews of that ep after watching the finale and then I will give you my considered opinion.

So don't come chucking your thoughts this way yet: come back after lunch next Sunday by when I should have watched the finale at least once.

So to Sunday: and Lichfield Jazz and Blues festival. It was a lot busier than last year, but just as much fun. Good music, great company and - apart from a couple of showers that sent me scurrying indoors - the chance to sit outside and scoff food listening to good music.

As they say, nice.

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