Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sleeping with the lights on full

Anyone else thinking of doing that tonight?

Not just me then.

Went to see NZ playing cricket today at Northants: very pleasant conversation, food and cricket entertainment (the middle day of a three-day match). This meant we came back by twilight and by the time the iPlayer had loaded... well it was 10pm.

There was something rather satisfying about watching Doctor Who in the dark - rather takes me back to my youth. And what an episode that was - chewing my fingers - cannot believe I have to wait 7 days to find out what is next (again, a very old skool DW experience).

And scared of the dark? Me?

Every time.


Jane Henry said...

Me too, Lisa. I totally heart Stephen Moffat. But I think you probably knew that...
And what IS going on with that woman archeologist??? Creepy AND intriguing. Good combo!

J.J said...

You were in Northants!!!!

Wish I had known sweetie...and the rain held off too for you. Glad you had a good day.