Sunday, June 15, 2008

It was a lot weekend...

Back from staying with my pal HL for the weekend and I've just enjoyed the 45 minute Dr Who Confidential on the iPlayer.

We had a fabulous weekend of wine and food and conversation and mucho DVD watching.

  • Primeval S2 'making of' documentary "Through the Anomaly" (loved the pool playing btw!)
  • Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords (S3 finale)
  • Casanova - all three episodes (sob!)
  • the ending of 3.10 to Yuma (the Crowe and Bale version)
  • and the final hour or so of LA Confidential (from when Exley tells Vincennes about Rollo Tomasi)
  • Selected poems from Daisy Godwin's Essential Poems to fall in love with (featuring Douglas Henshall)
  • a good proportion of If Only
  • the final third of Lawless Heart (Tim's version of the narrative)
  • American Gangster - which I had missed at the flicks but which I really enjoyed
  • episodes 1-3 of Takin' Over the Asylum
  • Doctor Who - Midnight (on the telly: more on which separately!)
  • selected scenes from Orphans
  • selected scenes and the ending from Gladiator
  • ending on the Doctor Who episodes The Shakespeare Code and Family of Blood
Today I got dropped off at home listening to Pest Control - the Doctor Who audio story with a hilarious and accurate portrayal of Donna's vocal intonations by David Tennant.

I think I have slightly square eyes now, but hell, it's only once a year we get the chance so it's wild indulgence for us to talk without Neil or anyone else interrupting! 'Course when I get in pretty much the first thing Neil does is josh "by the way, you had a message, and he's sorry he missed you...". Cue rolling eyes and groans. Oh Neil you are SO funny...

Nice to be home again though. Here's to next year!

PS would have watched some of This Year's Love but the bloody DVD player wasn't playing ball...

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AnnaWaits said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend :P