Sunday, June 22, 2008

TMINE birthday - 3 years of Medium Rob

Awh, Medium Rob's The Medium is not Enough has been entertaining me - and many others judging even by the thank you list he put together - for quite some time. His site has just celebrated it's 3rd birthday! I'm not sure I can currently recall how I found him (I think it was maybe Anna? Or Marie?) but one thing is for sure, he and the site are great.

Make him one of your daily visits: because he's always witty and frequently one the money with his opinions.

Happy Birthday for next year and for the future!

1 comment:

MediumRob said...

Well thank you very much! You're most kind. I'll endeavour to make it worth your while returning!

You probably found TMINE through Marie, who was the fifth person to ever leave on a comment on my blog (it was about the remove of Christopher Robin from the Winnie the Pooh TV series). My gratitude to her as well!