Monday, June 30, 2008

Out of bounds, off-limits, going "la-la-la" with my fingers in my ears

Or 'eyes' as I nearly typed then.

Hmm. Let us recap on things. I know I am slightly hysterical about Doctor Who. Heck, this isn't exactly a news flash to anyone reading here (and if it is, dudes, HELLO!)

How do you remain 'unaware', 'unspoilered' in this over-expressive age of interweb communication?! Is it possible? Desirable? Reasonable?

Thing is that I had - somehow, don't ask - managed to even avoid seeing any more trailers of this past weekend ep. (Putting it in context, I was actually almost cross with myself for having caught and then watched the MID-season trailer, so you may guess I was wanting to try and not look at or read about the finale trailers that started up after "Turn Left").

So far, so good.

But I am so torn. I want to find out more. I want to... hell, I want to just find a way of getting through Saturday evening without being too distracted to enjoy myself. Because it's the hen night of one of the people I love most dearly in the world and I want to be 100% attentive to enjoying it and supporting her - even though she (generally) hates hen nights, and I probably hate them just as much. [We actually agreed that a cuppa tea and cake night in would do both us much nicer!] And even though I know it will be lovely and I want and know I will be there supporting her and hoping that the organisers have been sensitive enough to her personality and likes/dislikes there is part of me that I know will be thinking "oh God, what is happening in Doctor Who?!"

And then there are the factors I WON'T be able to control. Like whether anyone else there will have watched it and comment on it during the evening. SHUT UP!!! LA-LA-LA FINGERS IN MY EARS AND TRYING NOT TO LISTEN!!!!

It is making my head hurt just thinking about how I have to (a) not think about Doctor Who during the evening and (b) how I WILL have to be attentive to not inadvertently hear something I don't want to ahead of piling in at about 11-midnight and rushing for the iPlayer.

Such silly issues are what occupy my mind at the moment!

So forgive any absence this week, or weird blogs about non-DW related issues. I'm diverting myself. Because after Saturday I am craving to find out what comes next. And hoping that the reassurance offered to Em (who was apparently "inconsolable" at the end of Saturday's episode) is born out somehow to some good resolution...

Here's to us all! See you on the other side.

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Tom said...

It's not too hard really as long as a) you don't browse the internet* and b) don't watch TV.

As for the evening of - if you are on a Hen Night where Doctor Who is being discussed, I want to meet those women!

*don't read my blog either as I have just unusually** gone on at length about this recent episode and thoughts about the next.

**unusual in that it's about Dr Who - not unusual in going on at lenght.