Saturday, June 23, 2007

theQuarter: a great new restaurant/bar in Leicester

Can I recommend in HIGH AND LOUD tone a fantastic new restaurant and bar which has opened in Leicester, England (for those of you elsewhere who may visit - local people, get your asses there asap [though obviously AFTER Who...]).

It's called theQuarter and its located very near the forthcoming new performing arts centre for Leicester (and the lovely adaptation of an art deco cinema, Athena, that I was lucky enough to visit for the BAAS banquet back in April).

The atmosphere is a delight: the seats and tables well-thought through; the design is chic without feeling either too posh to relax or too cliquey to fit in.

And the food! Woah. It's a small but perfectly formed lunch menu which was pleasing and well presented. Cooked VERY freshly, with good and (where possible) locally sourced ingredients. We definitely want to go back there. I feel a troop out of Summer Sundae coming on (in fact I may go back there on the Friday for dinner before the festival proper starts. Mouth watering at the prospect).

I had a lovely chorizo, pea and prawn risotto; Neil a steak sandwich with mushrooms and caramelised onions with chunky chips. We shared a chocolate tart with creme fraiche and berries.... delicious!

Great service too - friendly without being obsequious, welcoming, charming and cheery: and we had a lovely chat with one of the owners, Janice.

All in all, highly recommended as I say.

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