Saturday, June 16, 2007

Arcade Fire in the autumn...



Well, thanks to a collision of events (me being in a meeting I couldn't reschedule, Neil not being able to access either a phone or internet to book), we were screwed on making it through to book first thing for the Saturday Ally Pally date of Arcade Fire's UK tour this autumn. And of course by the time we could access a computer/get through on the phones, the Saturday gig sold out - having sold out in under an hour...

A visit to Ally Pally to see Arcade Fire would have been lovely, especially as Neil hasn't ever been there (I had the pleasure to spend a day there when the Stone Roses played their big gig there on 18 November 1989. Dire sound quality but the crowd was so buzzed we didn't care: and for the record, I was both too young and naif to be high on anything other than the thrill of being there).

Ho-hum. Not much use to us that that they have second date planned for the Sunday since we'd really need to be off the next day (Monday) and that isn't feasible for either of us.

Good job we got standing tickets for Nottingham Arena then eh....!!!!

[Imagine happy clapping sounds]


AnnaWaits said...

YAY! I totally didn't even know so haven't tried... might have to trawl e-bay...!

Will said...

Arcade Fire The Neon Bible
Nominated by Green Gartside of Scritti Politti

People who enjoy this album may think I'm cloth-eared and unperceptive, and I accept it's the result of my personal shortcomings, but what I hear in Arcade Fire is an agglomeration of mannerisms, cliches and devices. I find it solidly unattractive, texturally nasty, a bit harmonically and melodically dull, bombastic and melodramatic, and the rhythms are pedestrian. It's monotonous in its textures and in the old-fashioned, nasty, clunky 80s rhythms and eighth-note basslines. It isn't, as people are suggesting, richly rewarding and inventive. The melodies stick too closely to the chord changes. Win Butler's voice uses certain stylistic devices - it goes wobbly and shouty, then whispery - and I guess people like wobbly and shouty going to whispery, they think it signifies real feeling. It's some people's idea of unmediated emotion. I can imagine Jeremy Clarkson liking it; it's for people in cars. It's rather flat and unlovely. The album and the response to it represent a bunch of beliefs about expression and truth that I don't share. The battle against unreconstructed rock music continues.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

You know what Will, I LOVE Green Gartside: Scritti Politti have been and continue to be fabulous and interesting.

And I can see where he's coming from, but on this occasion I'm just gonna have to say it: Green, you're wrong.

I'd also be pretty astonished if Clarkson did like it. But even if he does it wouldn't discourage me. It's one of those la-la-la I'm not listening moments where I ignore the criticism.

Sorry Will!

Will said...

Would you believe me if I said I'd never heard of the band in question?

I haven't heard anything by them either.

Just liked the Gartside prose - and its relevance to your post of course.

JoeinVegas said...

Due to the joys of internet ticket sales it is really hard to get into see good gigs here. The Police tour was here Friday, sold over 8,000 tickets in four minutes (cheapest seat - $120). I may not want to go, but the Osmond family renunion scheduled for October sold out in eight minutes. You've really got to be quick with your fingers.

Matt_c said...

Grumpy nasty Will. I got my ticket for the Palais. Thanks for heads up - didn;t know they were over then!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Matt -


So envious of you going to AP!

Rob said...

Booked for SECC gig - yay!

Also the Decemberists and the Alabama 3.

Oh, and Alice Cooper.

Good times ahead.