Monday, June 25, 2007

Here come the drums, here come the drums...

Hee, Billy just made me laugh out loud.

BTW if you don't already know what the sound of drums is - duderlede, duderlede - (and it took me long enough: idiot) then work it out or let it be someone other than me telling you.

Not least because I am well creeped out by recalling our friends last spring tapping, humming, singing that sound and calling it 'the national anthem'.

At the time it seemed hilariously in tune with the nation's obsession; now it feels like maybe Saxon was here all along in his subversion of that rhythm! Tapping into the nation's subconscious...



Rosby said...

*tappity tap*
*tappity tap*
*tappity tap*
*tappity tap*

...*shakes head* Eh?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Rosby: Try it at faster speed, though you may want to add a 'tappity tappity tappity tap' after two initial 'tappity tap' bars for authenticity.

And some oo-ee-oo's over the top for good measure.

Billy said...

Thanks for the link, Lisa. :)

It's a wonderful rhythm, made even better when being drummed on the table by a psychotic Time Lord wearing a gas mask.

rivergirlie said...

yodelehi, yodelehi, yodele-hi-hi