Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm suddenly less bothered about missing the "Seven Ages of Rock"

A man whose opinion I respect says The Seven Ages of Rock is "shite".

I believe him. If the programme did even half of the things he says it did it would be Very Shite Indeed. As it is, it sounds as if - apart from the chance to see some (probably very familiar) archive footage - there is little to make me turn over from CSI:NY.

How sad.


Reidski said...

"A man whose opinion I respect"? You are truly madly mental ;-)

But, seriously, stick to CSI:NY - I wish I had!

Skuds said...

While it is not essential TV like All You Need Is Love was back in the 70s (or whenever it was) but some episodes are better than others.

The punk one was rubbish - a rehash of every other punk documentary. The metal one was OK even though it gave the impression that there were no American metal bands before Motley Crue - and no mention that I can remember of Motorhead or Megadeth.

I did enjoy the prog rock one though, and colleagues tell me that the Henrix/Floyd one was good.

The trouble is that there has been so much music TV in the last ten years it is all repeating itself even though there are some interesting niche areas which have not been covered or barely touched.

How about an hour or two on the pub rock scene of the late 70s? Any excuse to show some classic Feelgod footage. Or the post-punk new wave?