Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday already and losing track of the world

ARRGH: work is just bonkers at present. I'm knee deep in reports and students issues are incoming so fast I can barely keep track of them.

The blog meet is this weekend and we have to be up at an INSANE hour to get to London with the prospect of breakfast at Brunos being the main draw to encourage me to survive the journey.

Still, we're looking forward to it and after that there is only one week of term left. Okay, I don't break up till the week after but at least I will get most of that week to myself to finish reports before Xmas...

Wish me luck and if anyone has urgent or spectacular news, email me because even bloglines is struggling to keep me fully posted (it only works if you get chance to review things there!).


stu_n said...

What, Bruno's on Wardour Street? That's just around the corner from my office, that is.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Indeed! Brunos! Ah, I love that place!

Cockney Italians. Brilliant. Best breakfast in London.