Monday, December 11, 2006

Blogmeet(s) recaps

Quick recap: had a great time in London this weekend. Went to see the 1930s exhibition at The Photographers Gallery; went to the BM for a gander at the Parthenon marbles etc; visited the NPG to see the Portrait Photography exhibition. Had breakfast at Brunos, great snacks with the blogmeet, and a fab meal at Cafe Pasta on Monmouth Street (recognised by the main man there since we went back in the summer...). Stayed at a decent hotel (Thistle Barbican). Walked lots.

And of course had huge fun meeting Matt_c and Baby W (formerly of here, now mostly writing for Fisking Central and preparing other projects with Matt_c). This was added to as a fun day by moving on from the Chandos to St Stephen's Tavern and the blogmeet itself. Some hilarious pics can be found here at Mars Hill where Paul B (who kindly organised the event) has written a fun review.

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