Sunday, December 24, 2006

Atchoo! Life gets *better* (deep irony)


On top of the cold and cough I now find my TV has eveloped a nasty high pitched 'wwwweeeee' sound that comes on and hangs around for about an hour before intermittently coming back. Fabulous for watching Doctor Who (not).

Then part way through having already started to throw red hairdye at my newly cropped hair, Neil hears the faint and distant sound of the most useless tannoy in all the world saying that the water is being turned off (for two hours, supposedly). Cue frantic filling of pans and kettles and bottles and the bath to provide enough water for tea and rinsing my hair (I did fearfully consider that I may end up bald if I couldn't rinse out the hair dye...)

So now I'm borrowing Cloudy Neil's 'puter, enjoying all the e-cards sent to us and the kind wishes for my recovery (atchoo!) and hoping I don't end up looking like some mad woman with tufts of red hair. ATCHOO!

Wish me luck to at least be able to see Who tomorrow minus whistling 'wheeeee' sounds...


Anonymous said...

Wish you luck? You are mad, cos I can't wait to see this mad woman with the (hopefully balding) tufts of red hair!

Have a good day nevertheless our fabulous friend lisa and awrabest (I'm sure you can translate).

JoeinVegas said...

You didn't do red stripes?

Well, Happy Christmas anyway!!