Tuesday, December 19, 2006


OOOOOH!!!!!!! Clare nominated me for an Insignificant Award!

The Insignificant Awards is the world's most unheard of blog competition. It's a place for the undiscovered to be discovered.

As the annual weblog popularity competitions begin once more, we at The Insignificant Headquarters wish to praise, encourage and salute the unknown blogs that sit in the unrewarded wilderness. Those blogs that will never be voted for by the masses. Those bloggers who will never be nominated for anything (but should be).

I spotted this from lovely EineKleineRob who also got a nod from Clare (blog-mommy!) so in reciprocation for that concept I have nominated Anna from "Theatre is Life..." not because I couldn't think of gazzillions of deserving blogs (loads of you were in my thoughts) but because I wanted to use this post to encourage each of you to add to the nominations list which closes 10 January 2007. A shortlist will be drawn up and announced 17 January and voting will run until Monday 12 March when ONE winner will be announced.

Let's make it someone brilliant!


AnnaWaits said...

Yay!! Oh thanks so much :D
I'm not anyone's blog-mommy just yet, but I'll certainly nominate someone... just got to decide who!

David Duff said...

"Those blogs that will never be voted for by the masses. Those bloggers who will never be nominated for anything"

What about me, me, me?!

Billy said...

Are you allowed to nominate yourself?

Anonymous said...

Indeed; that may be the only way some would get nominated (mention no names but I suspect he above you would need that...)

Find a nice friend and mutually nominate might be a good way to do it!

David Duff said...

Quite right, 'Anon', no-one would nominate me for dog-catcher and, for some reason that escapes me, I don't seem to have very many Blog friends. Except Lisa, of course, who tries to disguise her feelings for me because of her temporary involvement with 'cumulus stratus' but I know these things ...!

Anonymous said...

Uh, NO! I think that would be MY blog.

Happy Holidays!

It'll be a whole year of being married this coming January so we've decided to be in Paris for the much delayed honeymoon!

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