Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blogmeet day!

We were up at 4.30am today (actually we woke earlier than we needed to - typical) to get a taxi at 5.30 and a train at 6.25 to London. So here we are in the Easy cafe reminding ourselves where Crockatt and Powell Bookshop is located before we go to Brunos for breakfast.

Then its off to meet Matt c at the Chandos and then Westminster to meet up with the rest of the blog crew at St Stephen's Tavern.

See ya later - or possibly Monday depending on web access tomorrow.



AnnaWaits said...

Have fun!!

Matt_c said...

Cool to meet you and Neil, Lisa. Glad we share a mutual love of pub discussion... Hope the Christmas buffet was enough - Iain persuaded me to have a kebab and I was disconcerted to find my wallet less full than I thought it should be. Safe journey home.

Anonymous said...

Were you the couple with the Rough Trade bag that Matthew posted about on the C&P site?

wozza said...

hope you had a great time.

i didn't hear about it until the other day, but i still couldn't have made it (despite being in North London).
HAd a birthday to go to and then was at a strange speakeasy with loud jazz til 2am with some friends.

anyways, again, hope you kids enjoyed it and i will try and get to the next one. ;-)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Indeed Marie we were!