Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rullsenberg Rants: Barfing over the "sunshine of hope"

Cloud nearly split his sides laughing at my expression as I caught Howard's plea to the 'peepel' to vote Conservative: "let the sunshine of hope break through the clouds of disappointment." Dear Lord,where to start with this nonsense?

Not sure whether it was the purple prose that got to me or just my non-too-fond memories of the Tories years I grew up with. Reminded me of Thatcher's citing of St. Francis as she entered No.10. We were a resolutely Daily Mirror reading household and had no truck with the Conservatives whatever the dilemmas of the previous winter had thrown at us. Open-jawed at the misuse of St. Francis' sentiments and furious at the claims of dancing in the streets, we shook our heads and spotted it was more likely dancing with rage, frustration and anticipation of the horrors to come. We weren't wrong. Purple prose = purple bruises on the broken bodies and minds of those injured by Conservative policies.

So, returning to my barf-like gut reaction to that "sunshine" (ooh...urlgh...spit...s'cuz me... that's better) can I take just one point: "hard-working families".

Presumably those who are going to lose their jobs as part of the 'efficiency savings' are not actually hard-working (and heaven forefend those who haven't committed themselves to breeding). Concomitantly, when these people lose their jobs, the additional costs in redundancy, benefits and subsequent loss of tax revenue, family spending power towards the economy etc. will have zero impact on the economy (or else how would these job losses result in savings?).

Don't get me wrong: I'm quite aware that this shambles of a 'not-really-for-labouring folk' government has similar plans for shedding people's livelihoods. But as part of the Tories' campaign to appeal to the lowest common denominator amongst the electorate's prejudices - hardly seemed possible given what New Labour has always said and done, did it? - these shambolic and delusional plans for savings are just bogwash. In fact, I can't even think of words to describe their plans (well I could, but then this would be even more of a rant).


John said...

Hi Lisa--

You can always rely on the Tories to remind you just how obnoxious they really were, can't you? I don't think they've changed one iota since the days of Thatcher. Amazing really. Like they've surrendered the middle ground altogether and decided to chase that all-important UKIP/BNP vote.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Indubitably. And frankly as comical as the implosion of Kilroy-Slick's tanning machine party has been to observe, there is something disturbing about any appeal to that mentality. As 'amusing' as the Bremner, Bird and Fortune finale was on Sunday with its various clips of party leaders set to music, there was something sickening and unnerving about seeing the dispicable Nick Griffin popping up in the montage.

John said...

Kilroy-Silk: Mosley with a tan.