Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dworkin remembered

Blogged yesterday on the reports of Andrea Dworkin's death, which finally makes the Guardian today. Katharine Viner remarks:
She refused to compromise throughout her life, and was fearless in the face of great provocation. In a world where teenage girls believe that breast implants will make them happy and where rape convictions are down to a record low of 5.6% of reported rapes; in a public culture which has been relentlessly pornographised, in an academic environment which has allowed postmodernism to remove all politics from feminism, we will miss Andrea Dworkin.
As I said, much to be infuriated about as well as inspired by: in a world where feminism is a swearword to many, she was a model of all that was perceived to be mockable about the term and its intentions/beliefs. Doesn't make what she highlighted wrong or not worth considering. Sadly, the world copes best with 'pretty' feminists (who it then succeeds to mock again for being 'pretty'). Damned both ways folks...

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