Monday, April 25, 2005

Brain-numbed bozo

That would be me - for being utterly unable to get on with blogging (not the Tory party: for a start thats plural bozos and additionally it omits the important element of nasty racism that is rife in their mentality).

Anyway, apologies again for being such a bad blogger. I now need to eat a stale sandwich before going to another meeting. Having had a Friday that loomed on being a Reidski quality event in screwing up work, I am trying to keep my head low anyway. Still, on a lighter note, glad to me me ol' mucker Casyn over at the Slayer Library lift her skinny fists to heaven and add some neat blog comments on Narnia, good TV and other cultural musings! Welcome back!


Casyn said...

The best thing about having time to write is also having the time to read all my favourite blogs! Am glad to be back.

Reidski said...

If came anywhere near a Reidski event, you would be keeping your head so low that it would be underground.
Hope you can rectify the problem.
Oh, and thanks for the reminder of my horrible episode!