Monday, April 18, 2005

The girl is back in town

Hi folks!

Yes, I'm back. Would like to say fully refreshed but four days and three nights of the annual BAAS conference rarely leave one refreshed. Last out of the bar or social venue each night and needless to say my vocal range has dropped by at least a half octave! Various reports on the event will be produced: a highly edited version discussing the intellectual content with some minimal entertainment value anecdotes here at Rullsenberg; a slightly fully version (but nevertheless edited for protection of 'my good name' - ahem) for consumption by a select number of conference delegate contacts (that means you Paul!); and the full unexpurgated version for my good friend Chrissie. Frankly, the thought of her responses often make certain events even more funny and a lot gets lost in translation (a little like reading a Christmas Round Robin). Besides, at THAT level of detail I would be striking at the moral authority of BAAS and its members/attendees asunder and that would never do!

Blogging will get underway over the course of the next couple of days so bear with me folks whilst I settle back, especially as term has restarted and I am inundated with hysterical dissertation students!

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