Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Donations invited to the Rosie Millard Hardship Fund

Donations are hereby invited to the Rosie Millard Hardship Fund; surely a well-deserving cause for all us good middle-class folk.

Okay, irony over.

Hard to know whether to laugh or scream at reading about Rosie Millard's reported poverty. Whilst I have some sympathy with those caught with one asset (their home) and little/no cash, those with assets (plural) and a lifestyle like that of RM and partner must surely realise the idiocy of their claims. Probably not.

Could she consider instead looking here for some clarity about her personal situation?

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Anonymous said...

You CAN pledge a few shekels to assist POOR Rosie Millard - see this link and look for the credit card logos in the top left corner. :)
Poor girl.