Sunday, October 22, 2006

Anna reviews a play

Regular readers here will know and appreciate Anna's keen eye for commenting on plays, especially the gems at the Sheffield theatres. She comes up trumps again with a very fresh and insightful review of The Caretaker. Whilst commentators being willfully ignorant can piss me off, what annoys me most is when they behave as if they DO know everything, but clearly don't. Anna refreshingly acknowledges her lack of awareness of Pinter's "classic" play and writes her review without exhaustingly having approached Wiki etc for thorough historical and storyline context. What a great move. I'm a lot more ignorant than I'm often taken for, and if put on the spot would equally have had to admit to gross ignorance of Pinter's work beyond knowing the title. Additionally, given the elliptical nature of certain playwright's works, I'm not sure I would have even been certain it was about or featured a caretaker.

So Anna's review was great to read because it cut to the heart of communicating what she perceived from the work and paid full attention to the participants of it. Go and enjoy, as usual.

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